Who We Are

Mwanangu Development Tanzania, previously known as Friends of Children with Cancer Tanzania (FOCC) has been dully registered under the Non-Governmental Organization Act 2002 with registration number 00NGO/00010215. The organization supports the needs of vulnerable children in the health and education sectors in Tanzania with P.O. Box 84, Dar es Salaam. Headquarters in Vikindu, Mkuranga District, Pwani Region.

Our Story

We started our operations in 2013 working with the main referral hospitals in Tanzania (Muhimbili, Bugando, Mbeya) in the field of Childhood Cancer. In 2014 we increased our scope of intervention and included Neuro Tube Defect of Childhood Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. We provide medical support, eg investigations, transportation, transit homes, surgical camps etc.

In March 2017 Mwanangu Development Tanzania hosted a meeting with more than 100 parents of children with and without disabilities and their relatives in Vikindu; to discuss these challenges and collectively agreed to start a community inclusive school for their children.

Mwanangu Development Tanzania saw the gap in the health and education sectors, hence established different programmes to improve the quality of lives of vulnerable children. Mwanangu Development Tanzania has the following programs to support children in Tanzania:

  • Accommodation for lifelong follow ups at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Improving continence management for children with Spina bifida in Vikindu Campus and the House of Hope in Nyegezi Mwanza.
  • Rehabilitation for children with disabilities in Vikindu Campus and the House of Hope in Nyegezi Mwanza
  • Inclusive Education at Mwanangu Special Waldorf School in Vikindu Campus.
  • Training caregivers on Income generation activities in Vikindu Campus and the House of Hope in Nyegezi Mwanza
  • Venues for support group meetings at Vikindu Campus and the House of Hope in Nyegezi Mwanza
  • Nutritious meals for all the children in Vikindu Campus and the House of Hope in Nyegezi Mwanza
  • Networking opportunities and linkages for families to walk together in the lifelong journey of raising children with disabilities.


Freunde der


Bugando Medical

All Africa Anthroposophic
Training (AAAT)

Core Values

We value every human life as a gift from the divine sources to humanity and environment its our task to caltivate, nurture and embrace as it unfolds in this life time.


Our mission is to raise awareness, give access and advocacy of Children in health and education sectors in Tanzania.


Our vision is to see a generation where a child’s health is a priority and to have inclusive education in all schools in Tanzania.


Join us in building an ecosystem where the possibilities of communicating, working and living with children with disabilities are embraced. Our causes intend to help children with disabilities find solutions to the challenges they face.

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Transit Homes

A shelter for children before, during and after treatment.

Raised: $20,000


Target: $35,000

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Programs that improve childrens' physical and cognitive abilities.

Raised: $6,000


Target: $12,000

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Inclusive Education

Learning activities. Visit our Facebook Page for more information.

Raised: $25,000


Target: $40,000

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Visit our Facebook Page for more information.

Raised: $30,000


Target: $40,000

Charity Shop

Our social enterprise, Asili Afrikan Shop is run by volunteers solely for raising funds to support children at our establishment.




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Meet the Team

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Janet Manoni
& School Leader
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Walter Miya
& Lead, Medical Section
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Luckness Jangu
& Legal Advisor
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Veronica Kangalawe


This philosophy was formulated by Rudolf Steiner.

What is Anthroposophy?

Anthroposophy is a formal, creative, educational and therapeutic system that seeks to optimize physical and mental health using natural means.

The All African Anthroposophic Training, AAAT for human development and social competence is an initiative to deepen and share knowledge on Anthroposophy through other initiatives in Africa, engaging actively in agriculture, education, healing, business and medicine.

It began in Cape Town South Africa as IPMT AFRICA – International Post-Graduate Medical Training over ten years ago. Dr Michaela Glockler from the Medical Section of The Goetheanum has been going to South Africa to conduct these professional trainings along with Dr Friedemann Schad from Berlin Germany, Coordinated by Julia O’Leary, a Eurythmy Therapist from South Africa.

In 2018, it changed its name to All Africa Anthroposophic Training to allow a wider African participation in a week of deep immersion across different disciplines that have all been enriched and enlightened through anthroposophy. It has been attracting farmers, teachers, doctors, caregivers, health practitioners, artists and community organizers, from all over Africa and beyond. The first AAAT was held in Kenya in 2018, the second in Zimbabwe in 2019, the third in Tanzania in 2021, the fourth in Uganda in 2022 and the fifth in Zanzibar in August 2023. We have a Faculty group and a Core group working with host countries to prepare upcoming conferences in other African countries.

The Mwanangu Development Tanzania family hosted the third All African Anthroposophic Training in Vikindu where more than 80 participants from different African, American and European countries with professional and unprofessional backgrounds attended. The entire Mwadeta family is proud to be associated with the All African Anthroposophic Training initiatives as we seek to offer our contribution in the Anthroposophic World. For more information about our work in Tanzania on Human Development and Social Competence, please contact:

Janet Manoni
Core Group and Faculty Team member - AAAT
Telephone: +255754747999
Email: aaattz2021@gmail.com
Website: www.allafricaanthroposophictraining.org
Carla Beebe Comey
Director - Antioch University, England and Board Member, Mwanangu Development Tanzania.
Email: ccomey@antioch.edu


We highly appreciate the tributes from our stakeholders. Their testimonies uphold our achievements, character and qualifications.

Thank you Mwadeta for supporting me and my two sons' education, rehabilitation and care at your Vikindu Campus. Also for offering me a job opportunity to care for other children like my son, Omary. May God bless you.”
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Mama Omary Parent
My daughter started rehabilitation and school at Mwadeta in 2017. She was not able to walk but now she is walking independently without any walking aid. Our family will always be grateful for your help. I pray to God to bless you all abundantly.
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Mama Neema Isaya Parent

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